You may have noticed how many websites are customizing the URLs with tiny icons of their own design.
I constructed an APWU icon per Microsoft instructions.
Anyone can use this icon for your own computer's files and folders.
Right click on this icon  and save to your desktop or file of your choice.
It doesn't look like it here but this icon will look about like the APWU logo above except for being tiny.
Now you're ready to customize any of your file or folder icons.
Right click on the icon of the file or folder in your computer you wish to change to the APWU icon
Click "Properties"
Click "Customize" folder
Click "Change icon"
Click "Browse"
Click drop-down menu at top
Click "Desktop" or whatever file you put the APWU icon in
Click on the "APWU_icon"
Now click "OK"
Your icon for that file or folder should now be the APWU icon
You can use the same process to change the icon in your Favorites file or on your desktop "Links" taskbar.
I've had a lot of fun with it and hope you do too.  That little APWU sure looks good in a taskbar.  E-me with questions or problems.
If you later move your APWU_icon to another folder, you'll have to re-do the above steps.

Jake Lamkins