Don't come in here unless you're ready to LAFF!!!


The natural look!
The tie that whines
Are they really listening
Postal kids
A management solution
"I got them 'budget blues'"
Gimme that money - I need an incentive
A moving experience?
Little sacrifices
Dr. Stress at work
Those danged machines!
Send Him To FYV
The Ladies Room
At The Cemetery
Happy Valentines Day! Have some candy, postal style.
Another Ladies Room adventure
The way the real graph works
Don't have a heart attack! At least, at work!
The Management Wizards of Oz


The Boogyman's gonna getcha!
The Screw stamp
A stamp with sensitivity
Hey, nobody told me I had to know geography to work here


Don't get in a hurry about your complaint
Help support you know who
The melting of OZ
Come on, Toto, you're dreaming
Let my people go!
Postal Potty Pooter
See what automation & computers have come to!!
The Postal Dunce
Naughty, naughty, get in that corner!
Postal Gestapo
If you're sweating, you're guilty!
Postal Bonus System
This is how it REALLY works!
Santa comes to visit
Hire your wife
Hire ALL your relatives


Postal Outhouse
Built to USPS specifications
Supervisor practicing "the position"
Extensive training is given on this at the Postal Academy
Postal Elephant
Can you find the postal employee?
New postal facility
Appropriately named!?
Bears in the woods
What do they really do?

Folks have HAHA'd here times!!