Casuals-In-Lieu-Of Grievance Settlement

The "CASUALS IN LIEU OF...." Settlement was signed in Dallas last Wednesday, September 3, 2003. A copy of the agreement is displayed below.

On Wed., Sept. 10, 2003 at 9:00 a.m., Frank Fickle, Randall Woodlee and I presented OIC Postmaster Sandra Woodburn a copy of the settlement, pro-ration sheets determining amounts for each employee, copies of estate documents for the five deceased employees, and worksheets displaying the computations.

It's been a very drawn-out experience. Our thanks go to BOB KESSLER, National Business Agent, Kansas City; to FRANK FICKLE, Local President for 12 years who originated the grievance; to all the committee members who assisted with gathering documents and performing computations throughout the years; to all the many proof-readers who went over everything with a fine-tooth comb; and to all of you for your long patience.

The settlement amount is $2.8 million to be divided into two installments: The first for $2.7 million to be paid 60 days from the date we submit the pro-ration sheets to management (which is this morning at 9 a.m.). According to the National Contract, pages 372 & 373, the amounts must be paid to each beneficiary within 60 days of receipt of the specified sheets. If the amounts are unpaid at that deadline, then each beneficiary are eligible to receive, in cash, 70% of the amount owed -- on demand -- at the local postal facility.

If your address is not current, please contact us at once.

Thanks for your patience.

Added 9/11: The Postmaster finally SIGNED for the materials this morning. It took TWO trips! She relayed the message from Carol Chappell that it would be 45 days that we would be paid. (For what THAT'S worth! - Jake)

-Loren Adams